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The Mission


Introducing the Greenspace Microfarm farm to table Cabinet Range 100% made in Australia. Our mobile hyper-local community vertical farm service brings fresh nutrient dense ready-to-eat produce into your office, restaurant, home, school or organization. We demonstrate ESG and deliver customers' wellness by disrupting the supply chain massively, reducing our CO2 footprint directly addressing the challenges of the climate crisis with locally grown food. The self-contained Microfarm cabinets are a plug and play system that can be placed nearly anywhere indoors with access to power. The living micro herbs, lettuce and edible flowers are delivered ready to eat and continue growing inside the cabinet so that you can enjoy the unique taste of freshly grown food in your favourite dishes - without the inefficiencies of food waste, food transportation, supply chain issues and excess packaging. Apart from appealing to those who want to live a healthy lifestyle, this living produce is delicious and has a wide variety of culinary applications with unbelievably high nutritional value, and can be used in meals served at all times of the day.


In the lab

Food Security

That is the thinking behind our large-scale community vertical Macrofarm and our connected Microfarms. Average global food prices have gone up by 2.6 percent annually in the past two decades. If that trend continues, not only does it threaten a baseline quality of life as more disposable income goes toward food, it also threatens our overall food security. We are out to reliably feed our cities and make sustainable businesses for local farmers who manage our farms.